The GP Prague company was founded in 1990, at the first time as an association of enterpreneurs aimed to produce surveying equipment and deal surveying instruments.

The beginnings were not simple, because in 1989 - 1990, after falling of communist system in Czechoslovakia, the private sector was after 40 years re-created with difficulties in all fields of czechoslovak economy. The GP Prague, as a new private company, was in their beginnings partly trusted by commercial bank, partly granted by means of enterpreneurs.

In 1990, first surveying products (levelling staves, ranging poles, tripods) were manufactured in the garage of a private house in prague district Čakovice. In 1991 the "garagemanufacture" removed to more representative rooms in prague district Bílá Hora. In the same time first trade with surveying instruments was started ( mail-order business at the first time, also first surveying goods from abroad was ordered)

In the beginning of 1992 the GP Prague company enter into agreement with Nivel company (an owner of the small shop in Prague) and is starting to sell own surveying equipment in own shop. In the same time the GP company, at the first time in Czechoslovakia after the year 1989 at all, purchose and sell second hand surveying instruments.

Manufacturing and trade with surveying instruments were from year to year more and more succesfull and in the beginning of 1993 the label "GP Prague" had good soundamong customers in Czech and Slovak republic.

In January 1993 there is officialy founded company "GP Prague Ltd." and in May 1993 new company has opened first specialized geodetic store in prague district Vinohrady, Belgicka street. It was at the first time in short history of company, when manufacturing, trade and service center were placed together in one house. Very good times are started for the GP company with possibility to meet all needs of land surveyors in one place including representative selling, manufacturing, instrument´s lending office and service
center, all in one place.

In 1993 the GP company consist of 3 companions, 2 salegirls with geodetic education and 2 workers - artisans. Turn over of the company for that year - more than 600 000 USD a year.

After 3 years operation in the house in Belgicka street, in 1996 company moves again. The reasons - long term building repairs in the house. Fortunately, the new excellent room was found very soon, directly in the center of Prague. New room consist of representative geodetic storem, manufacture, service center and lending office, again all in one place. This room is employed till these days. Great shoping room, profitable place in the city and quality service for land surveyors caused, that the label GP Prague has still goods sound in the field of land surveying in Czech republic.

In February 2000 the second division of GP company, geodetic store GP Brno with 2 salemen was opened.

In 2005 the GP Prague consist of 3 companions and 8 workers with turn over of 2004 more than 2 milions euro.

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