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Rotating laser SOKKIA LP 310

Price (EUR): 0,00 €

Price (CZK): 24 000 Kč

Technické informace:


From foundation work to interior finishing and civil engineering projects, the LP31 can satisfy any leveling requirements. As well as market-proven reliability and precision, you can now look forward to greater work efficiency.

High-precision self-leveling
The LP31 is equipped with high-performance tilt sensors. So precise is this technology that even when self-leveling is repeated several times, the LP31 will always find the true horizontal, generating a laser plane accurate to within 10 arc seconds.

Press-button simplicity
All you have to do is place the LP31 on a tripod or level arm, set it roughly level (the unit has a wide self-leveling range) and press a button. It will automatically find the horizontal and emit the laser beam. This means you can start work without delays.


- Horizontal self levelling
- Tilt Alarm light
- Complete with detector and clamp

LP31 Specification
Rotation speed                600rpm
Typical Measuring Range        diameter: 600m
Accuracy                        1.5mm at 30m
Weight with battery                2.3kg

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